Selena Seballo is a singer/songwriter hailing from Orlando, Florida. Her musical journey began with her learning to play the piano at the tender age of seven. She didn’t start singing until she was fourteen and only turned to singing because her stage fright from performing in her piano recitals. Still wanting to be in the spotlight, Selena’s confidence in her vocal abilities overshadowed her stage fright and she soon found herself performing at high school events and in various churches.

She independently released her self-titled album in 2006. In the years to follow, she released two singles, “Waiting in Vain,” or “Tell Me.”

In 2014, Selena moved to the United Kingdom to complete her Masters degree in Writing for Performance at Goldsmith’s University. After completing her studies, she returned to music and had the honor of performing at Ronnie Scotts as a guest performer for Natalie Williams. She also had the privilege of collaborating and performing with the Hackney Colliery Band and performed at the Secret Garden Party Festival as well as numerous venues throughout London.

Selena continues to perform and collaborate with various musical artists throughout the US and Europe. She has also expanded her horizons and has since hosted and produced Sommet Education’s podcast series, “Time of Their Lives,” and is currently developing a new podcast series for The Creativity Effect Company founded by Dr. Karen Tilstra.

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